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Ryan + Jordynn // Married in Raeville Nebraska

Jordynn and I used to work together a few years back where we traveled a lot and I actually took her on her first work trip.  Me, being the excellent corporate employee that I was, had us skip the work we were there to do (my trusty husband did our work online for us) and we went and enjoyed deep dish Chicago pizza and some site seeing.  From that moment, I knew Jordynn was my kind of girl.  Fast forward to when she contacted me about her wedding….I was so excited.   Meeting Ryan at their engagement session and seeing the two of them interact made my heart so happy.  Guys, that is why I am in this field – when I witness love and joy like that, it makes my heart full.   While the entirety of marriage is beautiful, there is always something so special about what made you fall in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

Their wedding day was a dream…a DREAM!  From the moment I pulled up to the (gorgeous) house they were getting ready in until the time I left I was in heaven.  Jordynn, her family, and her friends were so welcoming.  Her simple, elegant vision totally came alive with the help of her amazing vendors.   Dusty pink, gold, navy, it all went together so well!

Here are a few snippets from the bride about the favorite parts of her wedding day- I hope you ooo and ahhh over them as much as I did!
-For me, one of my favorite parts was our first look. I was pretty calm all day until that point – then my heart started racing, I got tons of butterflies and in that moment everything became real.
-I loved getting ready with my girls – they mean everything to me so having them all in the same place was amazing.
-Walking down the aisle with my dad. My dad is the best man I know, he has taught all of us kids so much about life, work ethic, faith, family and just being a good person.
-I also appreciated taking our sunset photos – looking back on the wedding, while I loved everything about it, that was one of the only if not the only time where Ryan and I were alone.

Here is a little advice for all you future brides from the new Mrs Luettel:
-Try not to stress the small stuff, any detail that is out of place YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS!
-The day of take in every single moment – this is one of the only time in your lives you’ll have everyone you love in one place. SOAK IT IN!
-Try to get alone time with your groom. They day and night fly by and you get so busy talking to every one that you barely spend time just you and your groom. Doing sunset pictures were this time for Ryan and I and I am so appreciative for that.
-If you splurge on anything – do so on your photographer and videographer those are the keepsakes you’ll have for forever! I may be biased but I think I chose the best in both of those categories 🙂

  1. Peggy Belt says:

    Simply awe struck! Gorgeous!!!


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