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Mr & Mrs Distefano // Married in Omaha, Nebraska at The Old Mattress Factory

From the beginning Sami and Tony just wanted to be married and start their lives together. A no fuss wedding where they walked away as husband and wife. They had a ceremony small and intimate on the rooftop of The Old Mattress factory with those closest to them and invited friends and family to the reception following.

When the bride says this about their wedding day, you know nothing could have went better! I hope every bride can walk away with this outlook:

My wedding style was very laid back! I didn’t want to stress about the little things. I’m the end, we were still going to be married and it was ok if everything wasn’t perfect…but guess what? Literally the whole day was absolutely perfect! Tony and I wanted to make the focus on us! Hence not having a wedding party or inviting extended family that we didn’t really know. We wanted our closest friends and family there, and it was perfect. We host a lot of parties at our house and we call it an open door policy. We usually don’t ever know who is all gonna show up but we welcome them whole heartedly. Many of our guests told us it was the most relaxed wedding they had ever been to which is exactly what we wanted. another guest told us it reminded him of our backyard parties, everyone just hanging out, drinking and having a good time! We definitely didn’t want it to be a “traditional reception” but we did follow a few of traditions which we don’t regret doing. Again, it was all sooo perfect!

Sami is by far one of the smartest, strongest, most beautiful woman inside and out I have ever meet. I am absolutely so lucky that we found and choose each other to be life partners. She never stops amazing with me how caring, giving, and her do anything for you attitude. Sometimes I cannot even put words how Sami makes me feel from day to day. Whether it’s just a kiss and I love you before she leaves for work, making some breakfast for us, or working out together; every moment is something special!..love you babe! – Tony

He is sooo so amazing! He is so patient with me. He makes me laugh! He is so chill and has an everything will be ok/we will get through this attitude. I think he cried from 3pm-8pm our wedding day! I loved every minute of it! He is such a softy and loves so hard! Not many guys let their feelings show, but he is definitely an emotional guy behind all those muscles and big broad shoulders! – Sami

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Distefano! Two wonderful people that deserve a life of life and happiness!

  1. Sherrie Anton says:

    These are GREAT!!! You captured the day beautifully! Thank you Jamie for making is all comfortable having pictures taken. They are all awesome. ?

  2. Cindy Kargle says:

    Congratulations ??


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