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Mr & Mrs Speck // A beautiful outdoor wedding full of sentimental pieces

This wedding. Wow. You want to talk about meaning in almost every single detail of the day – Bailee had it covered. There was so much sentimental value sprinkled all around it made most of us cry multiple times throughout the day. Getting married in her parents back yard. Reception in his parents back yard. A friend made his ring. Pictures of their grandpa’s who were friends and had history together. A veil her grandma made. Her mom as her maid of honor. SO DANG SPECIAL. I felt so honored to be a small part of telling their story on the best day of their lives!

Her hope was that God’s presence would be felt – and that it was. There was prayer, there was prophecy, there was joy, love, and hope present. I pray these two feel the love of the father through their whole marriage!


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Photography by Jamie Wieseler Photography